3 Steps to Bringing Rooms Back to their Best!

3 Steps to Bringing Rooms Back to their Best!

Depending on what kind of business you run depends on how to clean and refresh the rooms in it right? Wrong! Whether you’re running a restaurant with heavy use of spices, or perhaps a hotel with smoking allowed, our 3 step method will make any room smell as good as new, plus a little something extra!

Step 0 - Air the room

Before you start, open all the windows and doors to the room. This will allow proper ventilation, and keep air moving through the around freely.

If you’re cleaning a food preparation area, make sure that all food and beverage items are covered.

3 Steps to Bringing Rooms Back to their Best!

Step 1 - Fabric refresher

You’d be surprised at the amount of things which leave behind a distinct smell. Aside from the obvious, things like popcorn, hidden damp and even a child's teddy bear can carry around odor and dirt in places weeks after they’ve left. Step 1 - Fabric Refresher

This can be a problem, because many items are too delicate, or sometimes just impossible to wash! Have you ever wondered how you can tackle this problem without having to pay for expensive specialist cleaners? Well, this is exactly what fabric refresher is used for! Whether it’s spraying car seats in a company car just before picking up a client, or spraying sun umbrellas that have become a bit musty since you last used them, fabric refreshers work straight to the core of the problem and quickly and deeply penetrate into fabrics to completely get rid of the smell. As an odor absorber and an odor neutralizer, good quality fabric refreshers do not just cover up the smell. These odor absorbers eliminate the odor entirely.

Step 1 - Fabric Refresher This is an important tool to have in your cleaning staffs toolbox, because fabric refreshers do not stain materials, infact they refresh and clean them from the outside in! Giving them a new lease of life and bringing your fabrics back to their best! For an intense and yet kind fabric refresher why not try Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher in the fragrance Linen and sky. It eliminates 99.99% of bacteria at the very source, killing not only the odors you can smell now, but others which will try to cause your problems in the future.

Step 2 - Air freshener

Have you ever found that even after an intense tidy-up, a room just hasn’t quite felt clean. Perhaps there is nothing wrong, everything is it it’s place but something just isn’t quite right? Very often this can be bad odors lurking around in the air. Even the best cleaner in the world would find it impossible to clean bad smells without an odor eliminator - enter the air freshener!

Air Freshener

Air fresheners have been around for many years now, and for good reason too! Whether they’re airborne odors, pet odors or smoke odors an air freshener should be able to rid you of all these clingy smells! But sadly this is often not the case. Many air fresheners have strong intense smells which cover up the original culprit, but eventually allow it to get away again, making the room smell just as strongly as it did before. However, there is no need to fear! With the patented odor removal technology to neutralize and freshen a long list of odor problems, Ambi Pur Air Effects can solve your woes! This air freshener will neutralise spicy smells straight from the kitchen, remove any smell of strong bleach after a good clean, and even destroy any smells wet pets have tried to leave behind them!

Air Freshener

Air Effects also have an incredible advantage over other similar products in it’s superior spray system. The can itself is able to spray much further across a room. Getting rid of more odors than you would think possible in just one spray! Air effects come in many different fragrances, so no need to stick to the same smell - although linen and sky may work perfectly in the bedroom, perhaps you’d like to freshen up your cloakroom, with Ambi Pur with Downy for that freshly washed smell!

Step 3 - Set and Refresh

Perhaps you haven’t got the time or the will to continuously clean every day, or you’re looking for something to hold the fort whilst you’re busy going about your day. Well, that’s where Ambi Pur’s Set and Refresh comes in!

Set and Refresh

Set and Refresh are air fresheners which you can either display or hide away and will clean the air, removing bad smells, whilst replacing them beautiful fragrances! Set and Refresh can last up to 60 days,and because they use 100% perfume oil they leave behind a beautiful fragrance chosen by you! This is a great continuous solution because despite bad odors creeping up on you, Ambi Pur’s Set and Refresh will perform just as well on day 60 as it did on day 1 as an odor eliminator!

Set and Refresh

But you don’t have to dedicate yourself to one fragrance. Why not mix it up? With Set and Refresh, you do have to constantly buy the product every time it runs out, instead you only have to buy the refill pack! So you can easily switch between fragrances and see what works best for you!

Using these 3 steps you can easy bring your rooms back to their very best!

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