5 Tips For Creating a Unique Hotel Experience

5 Tips For Creating a Unique Hotel Experience

So you have been running a hotel already but are searching for a few business ideas to improve customer satisfaction. Well, here we have 5 great tips on how to help improve customers’ WOW and create a unique hotel experience that can keep them coming back for more!

Create a good atmosphere

What kind of first impression does your hotel first make? Is your foyer nice and clean, with a fresh and inviting smell? Try using Air Care products that not only masks odor but eliminates odor such as Ambi Pur Air Effects. On top, you can also try to use placement air fresheners that will release good scent consistently like Ambi Pur Set & Refresh. Remember, the foyer will probably not be only the first impression, but also the last. This is where many guests will wait with their luggage when both arriving and leaving and also when they come down to ask questions about the local area. By creating a fresh and clean atmosphere you will help deliver more happy and satisfied customers!

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Create a Good Atmosphere

Keep your staff satisfied and motivated

Do you remember the name of your receptionists’ husband? If so, great! If not, then you can try it sometimes as it is also a great way to build a good relationship with your employees! Try to build good professional relationship with your staff and let them know you care. Not only is this a great example to be setting as to how the staff should act towards your customers to help create a great customer experience, but it’s also a fantastic way for your staff to feel acknowledged. Make sure you give them praise, especially when you see them going the extra mile and providing great customer service. Giving your employees praise will make them work harder, make you look & feel better.

Keep your Staff Satisfied

Build rapport with your customers

When your staff feel comfortable with the working environment, be sure to encourage them to stay customer-focused and to build good relationships with the customers. Simple phrases, and genuine curiosity about how the customer is doing that day can go a long way.  Help your  staff understand that simple things like this helps create great atmosphere for the customer, but also gives the employee gratification from the experience of making many new acquaintances and possibly even friends! Staff who are great at building rapport with customers may even say they feel happier in the workplace, and that working does not always seem like work, but like socializing with friends!

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The element of surprise

Try to think of ways to positively surprise your guests. Those ‘Oooh, Ahhh!’ sounds that customers make when finding a beautiful view can be costly, but there are other less costly small elements in your hotel which help achieve similar responses. Simple things done by some hotels for example is placing chocolates on pillows or folding towels in interesting shapes. So how can you start brainstorming?  Check with your staff if they have any ideas! Perhaps one of your employees walks past a beautiful and cheap flower market every morning! Then will minimal effort and minimal cost you could have fresh flowers every day gracing your hotel! Alternatively, continue searching ideas online or ask experts for some ideas as well. There could be local gems you can partner with if you continue to keep your eyes open!

If flowers seem to be an expensive way to bring the fresh scent in the room, try using Ambi Pur Set and Refresh. This air freshener can last up to 60 days* and gives a continuous light fresh smell!

The Element of Surprise


Being a perfectionist in everyday life can sometimes be difficult, but in the hotel business, being a perfectionist will give your establishment the edge and pleasantly satisfy guests! Try to set a high standard with your staff. Every room should be cleaned in a certain way, mirrors should have a certain sheen and customers should be greeted in a specific manner. By creating standards amongst your staff, you will be able to better your establishment a step closer to your ultimate goal!

After it all, consider that one thing very useful in creating a wonderful experience for your customers is to listen to the needs and ideas of your staff and knowing the needs of your customers. Things can change, and there is always room for improvement so continue to invest on your learning!


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