Tourists are a special type of customer. They are not traveling for business nor maybe for family reasons but instead they are traveling to enjoy their experience. A chance to get away from their working lives and enjoying peace and quiet whether sightseeing or simply staying up till in the early hours. Tourists may desire tranquility from your hotel, or top class entertainment, and it’s your job to try and cater to your costumers' needs as much as possible! So if you are primarily targeting tourists, please consider the things that they may be looking for in your hotel!

Make yourself at home

The goal of a hotel owner may not be to recreate the home of the clients but rather it could be to create something much better like an escape! But in a way, this escape is the kind that the customers will still feel comfortable in. Tourists love feeling quite at home, but not right at home so think about what kind of clients your hotel attracts and make little changes to cater to their needs to achieve better customer satisfaction.

Cleanliness & Scent

Your hotel must be hygienic for clients to be happier. Staying somewhere which is dirty will disgust customers and may lead to them never returning even if despite the food and service you can offer. Make sure you keep on top of your cleaning team possibly doing surprise spot checks to ensure that everything is perfect.

Your hotel must be hygienic for clients to be happy. Staying somewhere which is dirty will disgust customers and never have them return, no matter what food, entertainment or service you many offer.

One tip in keeping rooms spotless is to double check the rooms, meaning after a room has been cleaned, another staff member will go in and check for anything that has been missed. Alternatively, some hotels send up a cleaner to the room again just before the clients arrive to make a final check. On top of this, you may consider using products like Ambi Pur Set & Refresh to help sustain a good light fragrance in the room to welcome your guest.


Privacy is very important to many if not all guests. Of course your rooms will cater to this, but make sure that you are aware of any issues with privacy that may come up. Some hotels practice calling the guest and asking them how their stay is so far but keep in mind this can be intrusive at times, or if done frequently.

Privacy Privacy is very important in any hotel and to all customers. Of course your rooms will cater to this, but make sure that you are aware of any issues with privacy that may come up.

Make sure rooms always have those “do not disturb” door knob hangers as this is a great way of making sure that cleaners and other staff you have in your hotel do not infringe on guest privacy.


Silence is golden, especially in a hotel. To help achieve great satisfaction from guests, it doesn’t matter whether you are a motel or a boutique hotel, noise management is important as especially at night. After all, a good sleep is part of what your guests pay for!

If guests are being very loud, ask them to be quieter before other guests complain.

Silence Silence is golden, especially in a hotel. To achieve real luxury for guests, it doesn’t matter when it comes to noise whether you are a motel or a boutique hotel.

Try to make sure that any TV’s or radios in the reception are quiet during night hours.

If your neighborhood is not noisy or if your rooms have great sound proofing, then great for you! However, if you run an airport hotel or a motel along a busy road, you can choose to supply your guests with earplugs in their toiletries or provide it when requested. This is a great way of easily overcoming external factors simply and cheaply!


You should consider this depending on who you are primarily catering for and/or what type of service you want to provide over-all. If you attract a lot of families with young babies and would like to ensure to make yourself known to be good at that, you can try and consider offering or establishing childcare facilities and family fun activities once in a while. However, if you are attracting or targeting more of the younger guests who tend to be single, try approaches like karaoke evenings or perhaps even outside dinner gatherings. There are many activities that hotel owners can organize locally either independently or tying-up with other companies. It may be relatively easier to increase satisfaction simply by allowing a local musician or local entertainer to perform in a common area of your hotel.

Excellent customer service

Good service is key to getting good ratings and keeping customers happy. Keep a high standard of customer service in your hotel by speaking to your staff and ensuring that they are content and able to fulfill their roles properly to meet customer needs.

Need some ideas on how to amaze your guests? Read our article on Tips For Creating a Unique Hotel Experience!

Uniqueness of experience

Tourists love having something special to share to their friends when they return home. Sometimes the uniqueness can lie in local attractions like a beach being so close by. Nevertheless, try to give unique experience inside of your hotel as well. Perhaps you have an interesting bird in a cage by reception, or have a unique ambiance to your hotel.  Things like these may give your guests something great to remember you by and maybe even increase loyalty!

Tourists love having something special to make their friends jealous of when they return home.

We hope these seven things have inspired you in thinking how to improve the way you run your hotel. By catering to what guests can make a huge difference to customer satisfaction levels and to customer experience! Continue to research about who you are targeting, and what they are looking for as this can change over time.

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