Keeping your kitchen clean should be a factor every restaurant owner needs to keep on top of. Having a squeaky clean kitchen will not only make your restaurant look good, but your staff feel well and your food preparation more hygienic which will indirectly help your customers keep coming back!

Washing dishes

When washing your restaurants pots, pans and dishes, it is very important to be thorough. Customers will notice even the smallest stain on plates placed in front of them, so try using an effective grease removing product such as Joy. Joy dishwashing liquid is not only good at cutting through grease, but also is gentle on hands. Despite this however, consistent washing of dishes over long periods of time by restaurant staff can still make hands dry.

When washing your restaurants pots, pans and dishes, it is very important to be thorough.

A great tip amongst restaurant owners to avoid this and also to encourage their staff to use rubber gloves. By giving their kitchen employees this option, many staff members find that their hands are less irritable and are able to clean dishes as well as other areas more enduringly. Another important tool to have in the kitchen is a good quality sponge. Try and avoid use a cloth or a low quality sponge as it will not be as easy and effective in cleaning.

Kitchen floor cleaning tips

Similar to your own home, first step in cleaning the floor efficiently is to start sweeping the area. This is then followed by mopping with water and floor cleaner. Some products for floor cleaning actually do wonders when you leave them on the floor for a short period of time to help really remove those set in stains on the floor. Ensure to read the directions of your floor cleaner.

Cleaning hard surfaces

Cleaning hard surfaces is similar to cleaning the floor. Again, sweep, wipe, or vacuum the area first. You can then follow this up with your surface cleaner. This can be repeated on the front of fridges, ovens, worktops or microwaves and other hard surfaces on your kitchen. For tables, kitchen tops, and other surfaces that requires extra hygiene use disinfectants as per directions on pack. If you are wondering what to use as surface cleaner, consider using Joy as it can also be useful for hard surfaces such as walls, doors, floors and tables. Dilute* a few drops of Joy in a spray bottle filled with water, spray lightly on the hard surface then wipe first with wet towel or scouring pad. Then wipe off with dry towel. Joy is especially good at removing grease which when cooking or eating can splatter across surfaces. Isn’t that a quick and easy solution!

Cleaning trash cans

Some restaurants do not consider regularly cleaning their trash cans however we recommend that you consider doing so to maximize your shops hygiene. This can help you avoid build of dirt that may attract insects and the like. To clean your trash cans thoroughly, it is best to take them outside if possible and use a disinfecting cleaner. Scrub the trash containers inside and out with a non-food contact brush or scouring pad. Rinse with water. Allow the trash containers to air-dry before placing in a bag to also help avoid build-up of bad smell.

Hand washing

Hand washing properly is very important in keeping your restaurant clean and hygienic. Staff should be instructed on the proper hand washing technique, and should be encouraged to wash their hands not only before and after food preparation, but after cleaning and leaving the kitchen for any reason. Make sure you have a good quality soap, such as safeguard soap by every sink, to make sure that you and your staff are doing what you can in keeping germs away from your business.

Cleaning rota (Schedule)

A cleaning rota if not already used in your kitchen can be a wonderful addition to the way your staff work! Talk to your staff and to your head chef and see how currently the cleaning is being divided. From this you can create a rota of how many times a week each activity should be done, and by whom. This will create an air of fairness and equality in your business, as well as that of hygiene, which is a key ingredient for success!

A cleaning rota if not already used in your kitchen can be a wonderful addition and revolutionise the way your staff work!

There are many other benefits of keeping your restaurant clean, apart from reducing the risk of contamination and transmission of food related diseases. It will also help you lower the cost of maintaining your kitchen equipment (ovens, grills, microwaves etc). Lastly, research done in North America shows that cleanliness is the most important thing customer look for in a restaurant next only after the quality of the food. This means cleaning is not only a “cost” but also helps drive revenue as it can be a big driver of customer satisfaction and will encourage customers to return again and again!

Take our tips into account in your cleaning practices, and continue to invest in yourself by finding other great content online and offline and you’ll have a great kitchen environment to be proud of.

* Joy promotes good hygiene practice. If diluting, prepare Joy dish wash solution using clean and boiled water. Dilution at every wash occasion is recommended


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