Ariel laundry detergent delivers a noticeable cleanness that will help your business provide outstanding results and get great reviews.

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Laundromat owners are losing business

5000 laundromats

Competition continues to grow...
As condominium living becomes more prevalent in the Manila area, laundromats have grown to an estimated 4000-5000 locations. With competition continuing to grow at a pace of 20-30 new shops each month, it’s challenging for your laundromat to stand outfrom the crowd and maintain customer loyalty.

Laundromat owners are losing business

of customers would

It’s easier than ever for customers to switch to a new laundromat. 90% of customers that switch say it’s because of bad cleaning, bad service, or a convenient new location.

90% of customers would switch

Poor product performance has its price

tough cleaning challenges

From dinginess and stains to odors in clothing, it’s imperative to provide superior cleaning - or risk losing customers to the many new laundromats that are readily available.

Exceptional clean leads to higher revenue




Ariel provides superior cleaning

Scientifically proven to clean better

Laboratory testing demonstrates how the same amount of Ariel creates a greater amount of cleaning suds compared to the leading competitive detergent. And when agitated and rinsed in identical conditions, Ariel removes more soil to provide superior cleaning results.

Save time, save money, satisfy customers

Laundry Detergents products

Ariel Complete+ Plus Laundry Detergent Bag 10kg

Ariel Professional Bag 8.5kg

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“We have customers, because we have increased the price… they shifted to other laundromats. Mind you they come back because they said we want your laundry service. And we credit it to Ariel!”

Carson, CEO of popular laundromat chain

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