Cleaning can be such an ordeal. There seems to be a never-ending list of chores – scrubbing, folding, rinsing, polishing. Once you’ve finished with them, it’s almost time to start them all over again.

No one truly relishes the idea of cleaning. For a small business owner, this sentiment can be even more intense. Between the cleaning supplies and the labor needed to get the job done, keeping your business clean can seem like quite a costly hassle.

Changing Your Thinking About Cleaning

But what if you, the business owner, could create a paradigm shift in how you view cleaning? What if instead of viewing cleaning as a cost center, you treated cleaning as a revenue driver?  Shifting the focus away from a cost center mentality can breathe new life into your cleaning routine, giving you and your staff a new sense of purpose and motivation. Here’s how it works.

  1. Maintaining a clean business establishment will attract customers to your store. Cleanliness signals a level of caring and professionalism and an attention to detail that customers then project onto the core activities of your business – be they laundry, food preparation, or any other service. No one enjoys patronizing an establishment that is grimy and ill-kept. If your business doesn’t look clean and tidy to passersby, they will be less likely to try you out, and you missed out on potential new customers. On the other hand, a particularly clean business projects a level of quality and professionalism that can help attract new customers to try you out, thus positively impacting your bottom line.
  2. Maintaining a clean business establishment will also keep your customers coming back. Be it dishes that weren’t fully cleaned, sticky counters, or dust bunnies collecting in the corner, if a customer spots dirt or a lack of attention to cleanliness at a place of business, he or she is likely not to return. As a result, all the marketing efforts that were put into enticing that customer to enter your shop in the first place fly out the door along with that customer. In business terms, it is less expensive to maintain an existing customer, than to obtain a new one.

Investing in Cleanliness

If a clean business can make you money, you’ll want to make sure your business looks its best and its brightest, and not just “good enough.” Choosing quality cleaning products will make this happen. Quality products such as Joy or Ariel will also get you more bang for your buck for your cleaning efforts. Investing in Cleanliness Using the best products will help you and your staff cut down on the amount of time and effort spent cleaning, freeing you up to pay more attention to customer care and marketing efforts. With this new cleaning-as-revenue-driver outlook, ticking off the list of cleaning tasks will move away from being a necessary evil that takes money out of your pocket to being an integral part of customer care that actually brings in money. When cleaning means ka-ching at the register, you just might grow to love it.

Upgrade Yourself

Keep in mind that the best investment in your business is often in yourself. The more you hone your business knowledge and learn the ins and outs of best practices in your field (and, yes, in cleaning, too), the more you will be able to bring your business to new heights. There are many P&G resources both online and offline to help you be the savviest service provider possible as you grow your business. Be sure to check them out.   Upgrade Yourself

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