Noticeably softer fabrics that last between washes.

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Fabric Softener

helps to improve your client satisfaction

Helps make your linen smell fresh and feel soft.
It can also help:

  • Decrease static cling
  • Reduce wrinkling
  • Reduce drying time
  • Make ironing easier

That’s why it can help improve your operational efficiency.

Fabric Conditioner

Downy Sunrise Fresh

Extra softness

Easier to Iron

Long Lasting Freshness

  • World Number 1 Fabric Conditioner Brand+.
  • Utilizes unique perfume system with perfume micro capsules to give long lasting freshness.
  • Makes laundry softer and reduces static cling*.
  • Makes ironing easier*
  • + Among Fabric Conditioner; based on 3rd Party data(2011-2012) on retail sales and volume.
    * vs usage of detergent only.

Downy Linen Care

Helps protect linen from pilling

Easier to Iron

Passion Scent

  • Indulge in the perfume scent on your guests’/customers’ clothes.
  • The Passion scent is carefully blended into a delightfully sweet alluring fruity mix immersed with gracefully enchanting floral wrapping in a warm and sensual Vanillic background which provides long lasting scent experience on the clothes, just like wearing fragrances.

Downy Odor Prevention

With Antibacterial ingredient to help prevent malodor

Easier to Iron

Fresh Scent

  • Downy Odor Prevention prevents up to 99% germs that causes malodor on linens for your business.
  • Feel fresh even when they sweat. Enjoy the instant freshness with Freshness Bubbles™ for long lasting freshness and antibacterial agent to help prevent malodors.
  • Makes laundry softer and reduces static cling.

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