So your business is now up and running its time to consider how to grow your establishment’s reputation. Have you checked your restaurant reviews or hotel ratings recently? A business’ online reputation can make a lot of difference in today’s boom in tourism and technology. Here we present some business ideas which can help you with your online reputation management and your online ratings.

Assess your current online reputation

If you are running a hotel or a restaurant, try searching the popular online booking and review sites, and from your scores on these websites work out your business's average score. Also, don’t forget about your social media reputation.

Be sure to also read the reviews attached to the scores. What is your business being scored down on? Perhaps it’s something you aren’t aware of. Rude staff or dirty plates may go unnoticed by owners or managers, but the online world of hotel reviews can bring insight into actual customer experience.

Define your vision and make changes

Chances are some of your reviews and ratings will have some form of negative score or comment, but remember to take this as constructive criticism because you now have an opportunity to make a change and improve! One common source of negative reviews are caused by unhygienic practices. Pay special attention to these reviews, because these can be easy to improve and will mean big improvement on customer satisfaction!

People may have different understanding of what cleanliness is. For some people, cleanliness may be about a room smelling fresh, for others it may be about having spotless surfaces so keep an eye out what could be missing in your establishment.

Make sure you pay attention to your critics because these can be critics that can make or break your business!

Damage control

If you do end up finding negative reviews, don’t panic! Start by making official profiles on each of the key review sites and reply to the negative comments publically. Acknowledge customers complaints, and promise either to change this in the future or explain that sadly this guests experience was not up to your usual standards. One way of improving customer experience and customer review is to offer the guest a free gift next time they visit. Decide the scale of the gift with each review individually. For example, if the customer was served a dirty glass in your restaurant, perhaps offer them a free beverage the next time they visit, or, if they had a really terrible time in your hotel, try offering them a free night stay as compensation. It is important that you make each response sound genuine, so do not keep the same format for every reply.

Something that can make you really stand out is thanking those users who leave you a positive review. Not only will this encourage them to return and use your product or service, but it will encourage others who see the review that the company cares enough about their customers to thank them for any kind words.

Maximizing customer experience

However, if you are finding many reviews that say everything was fine, but just not perfect consider over-all improvement in general, read some of our other articles to discover tips on how to improve customer service. One great tip which works across many industries is in improving the general ambiance of your business via freshening the air which can be forgotten because it is not seen. For example, you can use Ambi Pur Set and Refresh air fresheners which can leave good light scent for up to 60 days*! This will allow your customers to get a good impression the moment they step in to your establishment.

Accuracy of your online profile

When many businesses start up, they invest in a fantastic up-to-date website with lots of ideas for the future. However in time many changes can happen overtime and having non updated profile can create different expectation for the customer when they visit an establishment. Take the time to go over how your website advertises your business, and check to see if the photos are up to date and accurate.

Take the time to go over how your website advertises your business, and check to see if the photos are up to date and accurate.

Ask customers for reviews

A good technique many businesses use is to actually ask the customers or guests for online reviews. Sometimes this is done by providing incentives such as reviewing on a social platform will be rewarded with a free drink, or the application of a small discount if reviewing your hotel online just before checking out. Remember that honesty is the best policy in this scenario. Do not bribe or coerce your customers into leaving a positive review, encourage them to be as honest as possible. Even if they leave you a bad review, customer’s feedback allows you to work on something in your product or service and achieve better customer satisfaction in the future.

NEVER purchase fake reviews from online companies

The wonder of WiFi

If you are running a business such as a hotel or restaurant, remember that you have guests, not clients. This means you are providing them with an experience just as much you are providing them with a service. A fantastic approach to improving customer experience is to provide free internet connection (WiFi) to your guests. This can be kept exclusive by keeping a secret password, or by setting up a login platform for guests. By providing free Wifi, you will also increase the chances of guests reviewing your business or “checking in” which will promote your establishment for free, in return.

Now that you have read our tips on improving online ratings, start searching and reviewing your online reputation! There are also many good resources and courses that will equip you on better online reputation management so make sure to keep your eyes open.

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