How to Remove the Smell of Cigarette Smoke from a Room

How to Remove the Smell of Cigarette Smoke from a Room

Have you ever found that spraying some sort of air freshener in a room works for a few moments, then the bad odor comes back again?Sometimes, removing the smell of smoke from a room can be a nightmare. This can be a huge problem for small business owners, cleaners and restaurant owners alike because it hugely affects customer satisfaction levels. It takes only 10 seconds for someone to realize there is something wrong with the smell which could lead to customer dissatisfaction. But wonder and worry no more about how to remove the smell of smoke and other odors from rooms, because with our 3 step program, you will never again wonder how to get rid remove cigarette smells!

Some often forget that a smoker can be less sensitive to the strong smell of cigarette smoke. Be aware that even if someone cannot notice the smell of smoke, customers still might.

Smoking near a window does not always help to get rid of the odor fast. Depending on the direction of the breeze, smoke can be left inside the room and settle on fabrics.

Invest in some ‘No Smoking’ signs and place them appropriately on tables and near windows where customers may be likely to smoke.

Removing bad odors

Removing the smell of smoke and other bad odors can be achieved more efficiently with the help of the right products. Depending on the intensity of the smoke, the size of the room, and whether the room has many fabrics or not such as in a bedroom, or is rather sterile, like in a kitchen. Below, we have a step by step guide on how to get rid of the cigarette smell in a few easy steps which will help you improve customer satisfaction if you’re running a small business, or your own personal satisfaction if it’s for your own home.

Step 0 - Air the room!

Easy and free. Open all the windows and doors available. Keep them open for as long as possible. Defusing the smoke smell can help reduce the amount you will need to clean in the subsequent steps.

Step 1 - Use a Fabric Refresher!

Using a fabric refresher is a really easy way to eliminate bad odors, whilst looking after your fabrics.  

How do you get the smoke smell out of furniture made of fabric? It’s simple. Using a fabric refresher is an easy way to eliminate bad odors. Ambi Pur’s Fabric Refresher can be sprayed directly onto carpets, curtains and beds. It is water based and will not leave stains on the fabrics. It also penetrates deep and eliminates odor particles of smoke and other smells as well. This will help you minimize wash or other cost related to cleaning done otherwise. Fabric Refresher is actually very versatile product hence can have many more uses. Shoes a bit stinky? Fabric refresher. Cushion seats in a dining area a little funny smelling? Fabric refresher. So if you haven’t used one before, start today to help improve customer satisfaction levels, and to remove odors both effectively and safely from fabrics!

Step 2 -  Use an Air Freshener!

Using a good air freshener is the best way to remove smoke smell from any room. After cleaning the fabrics, using a good air freshener can help eliminate the smoke smell lingering in the air. The air freshener Ambi Pur Air Effects Linen and Sky eliminates and neutralizes odor molecules, whilst leaving a beautifully light fresh fragrance behind.

Using an air freshener which tackles the smell from source is uniquely important as compared to other air products which usually masks with overpowering scent and does not really eliminate.

Step 3 - Keep a Gel Air Freshener!

To really impress your customers with cigarette smell removal and keep your business smelling fresh for a long time, consider using gel air fresheners.

Now that you have removed smell from the source in fabrics, and in the air as well, you can then continuously maintain good light scent and keep your business smelling fresh for a long time by using Ambi Pur Set & Refresh. These products can last long, up to 60 days* and are small without the need for plugging in meaning they can be placed in many areas such as in bathrooms, or in reception area!

With estimated 46% of people in the Philippines being smokers, having an efficient method to remove smoke smell is important! Use our three step plan, and check out our one page guide on the science behind removing the smell of smoke from a room with odor eliminators.

See smoke free leaflet here!

*Based on technical test

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