Tips for Starting a First-Rate Laundry Business

Tips for Starting a First-Rate Laundry Business

Starting a laundry business has got you all lathered up and excited. Now the question is where to start. We have put together some points for you to consider when starting on your path to a successful and satisfying laundromat so you’ll be “cleaning up” in no time.

Keep a Good Location

Scouting a location for your laundry business is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make, and perhaps one of the most strategic. After all, it’s location, location, location! First, make sure to set up shop in an underserved area. If there are already plenty of laundromats in the area, look elsewhere. Second, with the increase in high-rise living, laundry services have become a hot commodity. Look to set up in a densely populated area – perhaps with lots of condominiums or dormitories. If you’ve found a great spot, but rent is too high, consider placing a pickup/drop off point near your desired location and your facilities in a lower rent area.

Keep Equipment and Detergent High End

Don’t skimp on quality equipment and products. Sure, it might be painful right now, when you’re just starting out and are strapped for cash, to spring for the more expensive laundry machines. However, doing so will be a better investment in the long run. Machine repairs are nightmarish for a laundry business. Not only is a commercial machine costly to fix, but the loss of revenue from having a machine out of commission can be particular damaging to your bottom line. Instead spend the money up front on a high-end machine to avoid a headache down the line. The same goes for the laundry detergents you use. Generic detergents and softeners may seem like the most cost-effective option. But did you know that Ariel Professional and Tide Professional uses up to three times less product than generic brands? This means that you can use a third of the quantity than you would use from a low-cost brand and get cleaner clothes while you’re at it. All these spells major cost savings for you. Keep Equipment and Detergent High End          

Keep Your Inventory In Check

Constantly monitor your inventory. This will help you identify areas for increased efficiencies, eliminating waste, and streamlining operations, all in an effort to keep your operation costs down. Maybe you noticed you and your staff are using more softener than needed? Or that you don’t need to order bleach so often? Keeping tabs on inventory will help you identify areas for improvement.

Keep It Clean

A clean and tidy shop is a pleasure for your customers to use. In a commodity industry like laundry, any opportunity to capture a competitive advantage should be seized upon – and a clean shop may be just that. Make sure the floors are clean, machines are dusted, detergent spills are wiped up, and machine filters get cleaned regularly. There is nothing worse than removing a load of freshly laundered clothes only to have them soiled by a sticky shelf or a dirty floor. Set up a schedule and allocate responsibility for the cleaning tasks required to keep the store squeaky clean, and your customers happy.

Keep Hard Workers Happy

A hardworking, reliable staff is the lifeblood of a successful laundry business. Knowing that your staff are producing consistent, quality work will keep your customers coming back, and your reputation intact. Finding just the right employees can be a long process. So when you find them – make sure you keep them around! This means being ready and willing to compensate your employees for a job well done. Otherwise, they might decide to leave you for someone else – or worse, find other ways of getting what they think they deserve, like by stealing.   Keep Hard Workers Happy

Invest in yourself

Running a wonderfully successful laundromat will mean you will get plenty of new and satisfied customers. Hopefully, by using the tips included in this article, you can save money, and make your business better! Remember that up to 90% of customers living in the Manila area said they would switch laundromats if a better establishment was found. So make that better establishment, your establishment! Lastly, continue to invest in yourself as a business owner! The more you know about running a business, the more your business will flourish and succeed. There are many great tips and advice online and offline that will help you in your quest to be the best laundromat in town.   Invest in yourself

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